In this english version You will have a summary of my approach to horses and riders. Feel free to contact me for a more in depth presentation!

Horses have been a part of my life since I was a child and they have been my greatest teachers, challengers and friends.  They have been there in times of joy and times of pain. Always present, always truthful and never judging. Most importantly horses have been supportive when I have been going through therapeutic processes and healing emotional woundings. Horses have showed me the way to heal myself and others with the perspective that the body, soul and mind are a whole. This way of connecting and healing is what I would love to share with you! Horses are the best co-coaches and therapists you can find!

Through my skills, experience and knowledge in the human and the equine field I support you to connect with your inner reality and resources. IN my perception it is important to acknowledge and address the interaction and connection between the horse and rider. A lot of the work I do is about connecting the horses biomechanics with the riders and at the same time support mental and emotional processes with the horse as a mirror. 

Supporting the horse and the human body/mind/spirit to create balance and harmony is the base in the work I do. We create the sessions together depending on your needs and wishes.

The methods I use are:                                                                                                                                                                -Shamanic Healing                                                                                                                                  -Energy-work                                                                                                                                          -Communicating with the horse,                                                                                                                -Massage, stretching and acupressure.                                                                                                      -Zen Coaching                           

                                                                                                                                                  SamaYoga is my choice of yoga as it has an non achieving approach, the practice is on the ground and in the saddle. I support with breathing exercises and mental/emotional coaching for the rider. Together explore which roads are accessible to you and your horse!

Our body:
We riders easily forget to stretch after riding and tensions can settle in different parts of our body depending on your body structure and how you use your body in daily life. Our tensions create tensions in the horse and vice versa. Maybe you recognise that your body gets a little tense when performance comes into riding?! And where does the breath go when we are thinking without awareness?

To examine  balance in riding, both physically, emotionally and mentally is both interesting and challenging! This investigation is pure joy for me to support! Riding with an open and inquiring mind can shift the way we relate to ourselves and our horses. Questions that I enjoy  to asking can be; How can I invite more relaxation into preforming and competing. How can I listen more deeply to my horse and how do I use my energy while spending time with my horse? What are my needs in this moment, what makes me and my horse happy? What is needed for me to enjoy this moment thoroughly?


The horse as a mirror:
Our horses are very receptive to our energy and they have the gift to hold our emotions and actions and mirror them back to us. If we are open there is a vast field to explore together with our horses. They show us our beauty and our pain and how to create balance in ourselves and in our lives. In this type of work I support you to look deeper into your relationship with yourself and your horse. The methods vary and are adapted to your needs and wishes. I have a therapeutic background in gestalt and voice dialogue and family constellations.  Zen-coaching has a perspective I find very useful when working with horses and their riders. If you are longing for at deeper connection with your self and others I am willing to support you in this deep transformative work!

For instructors:

I offer in addition to the above, an education in the physical and mental relationship between horse and human. Biomechanics and how to focus on the parts that need to be strengthened in order to be able to ride a functional way. I also  offer opportunities to develop the voice in relation to the instructor role. Perhaps after a long day in the riding hall or paddock, you have a tired neck and tired voice? There are many great tools that can strengthen the voice and the way you use it!

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